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Competing in figure skating offers an exhilarating platform for skaters to showcase their skills, artistry, and athleticism. It provides an opportunity to challenge oneself, gain valuable performance experience, and connect with fellow skaters in a spirited atmosphere.

Upcoming Competitions

At this time, the MFSCH does not have any scheduled competitions.


Competitions are listed on Entryeeze: Find Competitions and U.S. Figure Skating: Compete.

*Competitions listed on Entryeeze and U.S. Figure Skating may differ.

Past Competitions

Memorial Trophy 2023 (05/18/2023 - 05/21/2023): Results

Houston Memorial Trophy 2034 QR code


The Skating Accommodation Memorandum (S.A.M.)

U.S. Figure Skating's Adaptive Skating Committee created the Skating Accommodation Memorandum to foster equitable skating standards for skaters with disabilities, develop increased opportunities for skaters with disabilities to continue their skating growth and support reasonable accommodations to do so. A skater with a documented disability may request exemption from or modification of certain technical rules on the basis that such rule penalizes them in the marking of the assessment and that such rule is peripheral to the skating skill to be demonstrated for testing and 6.0 non-qualifying competitions.

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