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Due to the storm damage and loss of power the night before competition started this May, we had to move rinks and reduce the number of events. Despite the challenges, we were able to hold Memorial Trophy 2024.


Thank you to all the Memorial Figure Skating Club of Houston organizers, the Texas Gulf Coast Figure Skating Club, the Sugarland Ice Rink, Ice Skate Memorial City, staff, sponsors, athletes, families, friends, coaches, volunteers, and vendors for helping make Memorial Trophy 2024 happen!

Past Competitions

Additional Competitions

Competitions may be listed on Entryeeze: Find Competitions and U.S. Figure Skating: Compete.


The Skating Accommodation Memorandum (S.A.M.)

U.S. Figure Skating's Adaptive Skating Committee created the Skating Accommodation Memorandum to foster equitable skating standards for skaters with disabilities, develop increased opportunities for skaters with disabilities to continue their skating growth and support reasonable accommodations to do so. A skater with a documented disability may request exemption from or modification of certain technical rules on the basis that such rule penalizes them in the marking of the assessment and that such rule is peripheral to the skating skill to be demonstrated for testing and 6.0 non-qualifying competitions.

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