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Registering Test Credit on Entryeeze Tutorial

1. Login into your MFSCH member account on Entryeeze.

Entryeeze Existing Members Login

2. Go to the Test Sessions page.

Test Sessions page

3. Under IJS Protocol Submission for test credit, click on "click here to register".

Register Test Credit

4. Select the skater you would like to register the test credit for. If you tested in dance or pairs, enter the partner's name.

Test Credit - Skater

5. Select a protocol submission.  (Note: You can only select one testing level per protocol submission.)

Select protocol

5. For each document, click "Choose a file" then select the corresponding document to attach. 

Choose documents

Now click "Upload File" for each document.

Upload File

6. Now click the "Expand" button to open the coaches section.

Enter Coaches - Expand section

7. Start typing your coaches name in the "Your Coach" field. This will open the dropdown, that has the list of coaches. Click on your coaches name to select them.


If you don't see your coach's name in the dropdown, then enter your coach's name and contact information in the fields below.

Coaches manual

8. Please review the charges, enter your payment information, and click the "Submit Payment" button. Please keep the window open while the system processes your payment. You will receive a confirmation screen upon successful payment. If you encounter an error, follow the instructions in the error message to retry.

Note: The system will not store your payment information.


Reminder: After you've submitted the test credit documents and payment through Entryeeze, be sure to email or mail a copy of your documents, including the IJS Protocol for Test Credit request form, to the club Test Chair.

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