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Testing in figure skating offers skaters a way to evaluate their progress, set goals, and track their development, providing a foundation for competition and advancing through levels.

Upcoming Test Sessions

Hosted by MFSCH

There are currently no scheduled club hosted test sessions.

Additional Test Sessions

Search for additional in-person and virtual test sessions on Entryeeze: Find a Test Session.


Please direct all testing inquiries to:


USFS Testing Structure

Posted: September 21, 2023

U. S. Figure Skating has updated the testing structure for the 2023-2024 season. To ensure you are registering for the correct level in the future, review the updated levels.

Download PDF of Testing Structure Updates

Request Test Credit through Memorial Figure Skating Club of Houston (MFSCH)


IJS Protocol Submission

As of Nov. 1, 2017, IJS protocol from the non-qualifying competition can be submitted for test credit in the following levels:

  • Juvenile-Senior free skate 

  • Adult Gold free skate

  • Juvenile-Senior pairs

  • Juvenile-Senior free dance

Testing follows the USFS testing structure.


How to Submit a Request to MFSCH

For MFSCH members who would like to request test credit using their IJS Protocol, please do the following:

1. To register for testing at a non-qualifying competition, please refer to the competition announcement for registration instructions and deadlines. If you have any questions, reach out to the competition's chairperson. Make sure to obtain the following documents from the event:

  • The overall event results containing the names and signatures of the Event Referee and Technical Controller

  • Your individual protocol

  • Your Test Credit Skater report

2. To submit your IJS Protocol for test credit:

  • Log in to your MFSCH member account on Entryeeze.

  • Navigate to the Test Sessions page. Click on "click here to register" under IJS Protocol Submission for test credit.

  • Complete the registration process, upload a copy of your documents, and make the $25 payment online as instructed. Remember, you can only select one testing level per protocol submission. For detailed instructions, see: Tutorial on registering test credit through Entryeeze.


3. Finally, send a copy of your documents via email to or mail them to Memorial FSC of Houston, P.O. Box 19933, Houston TX 77224. The following documents are required:

  • ​The overall event results, which include the names and signatures of the Event Referee and Technical Controller

  • IJS Protocol for Test Credit request form
  • Your individual protocol

  • Your Test Credit Skater report from the competition

Please keep the original copies of all of your documents for your records. MFSCH is not responsible for keeping any of the results/forms submitted. Email all questions to


The Skating Accommodation Memorandum (S.A.M.)

U.S. Figure Skating's Adaptive Skating Committee created the Skating Accommodation Memorandum to foster equitable skating standards for skaters with disabilities, develop increased opportunities for skaters with disabilities to continue their skating growth and support reasonable accommodations to do so. A skater with a documented disability may request exemption from or modification of certain technical rules on the basis that such rule penalizes them in the marking of the assessment and that such rule is peripheral to the skating skill to be demonstrated for testing and 6.0 non-qualifying competitions.

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